Advocacy and Legislation

California PTA's Recommendations for State Budget

June 4, 2014

The Honorable Mark Leno and The Honorable Nancy Skinner Budget Conference Committee
State Capitol Building, Room #5019
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: State Budget Recommendations

Dear Senator Leno, Assembly Member Skinner and Members of the Budget Conference Committee:

The California State PTA, representing more than 800,000 members from more than 3,600 local units, including more than 2,100 at Title I schools, urges your consideration of the following important issues related to the state budget. 

Proposition 98
The state’s improved economy since the Great Recession, plus additional temporary taxes, have resulted in a much stronger revenue outlook than in past years. While it is significant and commendable that state-level discussions about school funding are no longer focused on what or how much to “cut” from budgets, we believe the legislature can and must continue to do even more to support K-12 and early education as top priorities.

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Legislative Action Alert Report

Legislation Action Report 
May 2014 

Report from the Legislation Action Committee 

The California State PTA Legislation Action Committee met May 19-20, 2014. At this meeting, positions were taken on the 24 bills listed below. 

To read the full bill, click on the individual bill numbers. 

AB 215 (Buchanan) 
School employees: dismissal or suspension: hearings. 
Support – Education 
Advocate – Donna Artukovic 

AB 1441 (Stone) 
Pupils in foster care: transfers between schools: educational record: course credit. 
Support – Community Concerns 
Advocate – Shereen Walter 

AB 1444 (Buchanan) 
Elementary education: kindergarten 
Support – Education 
Advocate – Carol Kocivar 

AB 1454 (Calderon, Ian) 
Care facilities: regulatory visits. 
Support – Family Engagement 
Advocate – Dianna MacDonald 

AB 1455 (Campos) 
Pupils: bullying: counseling services. 
Approve – Education 
Advocate – Donna Artukovic
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