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2020-2021 Tryout results

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Estancia Cheer Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Estancia High School Cheerleading Program is to be a valuable asset to Estancia High School by participating in the athletic activity and honored tradition known as cheerleading. This will be accomplished through:

  • Achieving high academic success beyond the minimum eligibility requirements
  • Increasing fan support
  • Producing quality performances at various EHS sporting events
  • Consistently encouraging the promotion of Eagle Spirit throughout Estancia High School
  • Serving as ambassadors of Estancia High School and the City of Costa Mesa at other select events
  • Providing a quality high school level competitive cheerleading program
  • Setting the benchmark for cheerleading on the entire west coast

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Yumi Patterson, Cheer Advisor & Varsity Head Coach

Phone Number:  714-317-8350


Naomi Beth, JV Head Coach & Team Embrace Head Coach

Samet Muth, Assistant Coach (pending)

Jermaine Sanders, Choreography

Micaiah Patterson, Choreography