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PSTA Donut Donations
Posted 10/11/21

As you know, Estancia is using the 5-Star app to build school spirit this year. Points are awarded to students for attendance at school activities and other positive behaviors, and students may then exchange points for rewards. This month Estancia administration is hosting a special 5-Star “Donut Day Reward” event where students will be able to exchange 200 points for a donut! Estancia administration plans to host several similar events throughout the year to provide students with a fun way to exchange their points. The Estancia PTSA wants to support this incredible effort to rebuild Eagle Pride by donating the donuts for this event, and we thought you might want to help!


For a donation of $10, you can purchase a dozen donuts for Estancia students!


You may make a donation any of the following ways:


  1. Preferred Method: Via credit card through PayPal (no PayPal account needed!). Simply click this link to send your donation to the Estancia PTSA and include “5-Star donation” in the notes.
  2. Venmo: The Estancia PTSA does not have a Venmo account, but donations may be sent via Venmo to the Estancia PTSA Executive Vice President, Stephanie Joyce who will be making the purchases. You may send the Venmo payment to @StephanieAJoyce, or  scan the QR below:                              
  3.  Cash or Check: You may place your cash or check donation in an envelope marked “PTSA 5-Star Donation”, and leave it at the Estancia front office, or reach out to Stephanie Joyce directly to deliver your donation

As always, we appreciate your kindness and generosity. If you have any questions or would like to make different arrangements to support this effort, please contact us at or text Stephanie Joyce at (949) 515-4683.