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Tragedy in Texas
Posted 5/24/22

Dear Estancia Students and Parents,


We are shocked and saddened by the tragic events that transpired today at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy. Our flags will be lowered to half-staff to show respect to the victims and support to the community of Uvalde through May 28, 2022.


In addition to expressing our sadness, I wanted to ensure you that the safety of our students is always our top priority. We take our responsibilities seriously and train as a staff to properly respond to any emergency situation. We plan and rehearse for emergency situations with both Costa Mesa Police and Fire Departments. While no amount of planning can ensure that an event like this does not occur, we are doing everything we can to keep students and staff safe while at school.


I am relieved to report to you that starting tomorrow May 25, 2022, Estancia High School will have an School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus everyday to support our students and school. Our new SRO is Officer Evan Martin. Officer Martin will introduced at our staff meeting in the morning and will be visibly interacting with students and staff throughout the day.


Sadly, this horrific event at Robb Elementary School comes just a few days after a racist attack in a Buffalo supermarket and a mass shooting at a south Orange County church. With all of this violence occurring across our country it is easy for students to feel overwhelmed and afraid. Please know that our counseling staff is available to work with students who are having significant reactions to the feelings generated by these events.


It is important to also know that the best way we can protect our children is not by building expensive barriers around our schools, churches, supermarkets, and movie theaters. We need to ensure that our children feel comfortable and empowered to share the concerns they hear or face with the adults in their lives. While the details of this horror are not yet fully known, most mass shootings in America have one thing in common: the shooter often shares their ideas with a friend or associate who fails to notify anyone of what is being planned.


With the summer break quickly approaching, I hope you will have many opportunities to participate in and appreciate time well spent with your family. There is no gift more precious than time spent with the ones you love.




Mike Halt, Principal