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Student Membership

The Value of Student Membership

Value of student members:

  • To provide a new perspective on PTA activities and programs
  • To provide information on student interests and problems
  • To give students the opportunity to participate in the planning and executing of PTA/PTSA programs
  • To provide an avenue for community service
  • To give students and adults a better understanding of each other
  • To teach students useful skills such as leadership and public speaking
  • To introduce students to the legislative process through PTA’s involvement in legislative activities

Put the "S" in PTSA

Dear Estancia Student,

Do you want to make a difference in your school and community?  Do you wish you could have more say in what happens in your school?  Do you wish parents, teachers and administrators better understood your needs?  Do you think adults should know more about the views of today’s students?

A PTSA membership offers you these kinds of opportunities.  The PTSA is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world with six million members.  The PTSA is one of the few youth-focused organizations that actually gives students equal vote.  We advocate for issues and laws pertaining to youth; and even before legal voting age, your voice will be heard locally, statewide, and nationwide as a member of a trusted national youth advocacy organization.

Through your PTSA involvement, you can gain leadership experience and learn new skills.  You can improve your school and community by organizing and participating in PTSA programs, addressing health issues, violence prevention, and arts education to name a few. 

Join Estancia PTSA for only $10.  Click here to join the PTSA

PTSA Membership Chairs