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Eric Moline


Eric Molina

Costa Mesa Police Officer

Estancia High School Class of 2013

Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez

Pharmacy Technician/ Pharmacist 

Estancia High School Class of 2014

“EMA helped me nail my interview because of all the medical acronyms I learned in class. Also being CPR certified helped as well. Usually, people pay to become a pharmacy technician but because of EMA and the Coastline ROP program, I didn’t have to. I worked hard and was always passionate about the medical field. I was on my way to becoming an RN but decided to go the pharmacy route.”

Lizette Rosales

Lizette Rosales

Radiologic Technologist/ Ultrasound Technician

Estancia High School Class of 2015
Loma Linda University

“EMA taught me the importance of being part of the medical field and the desire to help patients who are in need. Radiology and Ultrasound Technologist is a career where different techniques are used every day to enhance the procedural diagnosis of patients. EMA was definitely a great stepping stone!"

Jenny Gonzalez
Jenny Gonzalez

Emergency Medical Technican

Estancia High School Class of 2016

“EMA was a great step forward towards my dream job, where I can do what I love, which is helping others and saving lives. It was my stepping stone in helping me learn the foundation of health career and public service.