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Grading Policy

Grading criteria is noted on the course syllabus handed out by each teacher.  Questions or concerns regarding grades issued by an individual teacher should be directed to the teacher.

The following letter grades are used at EHS:

A - Well above minimum standards

B - Above minimum standards

C - Meets minimum standards

D - Below minimum standards

F - Does not meet minimum standards

I - Incomplete

CR - Credit with no letter grade

NM - No mark and no credit

NC - No Credit

WF - Withdrawal failing


All semester grades will be computed beginning in the ninth grade except:

• PE and PE substitutes (athletics, marching band, pep squad, etc.)

• Teacher/Office Assistant (these courses are graded as Credit/No Credit)


A four-point grading scale will be used.  A=4 points, B=3 points, C=2 points, D=1 point, and F=0 points).

Grades earned in Advanced Placement (AP) classes will be placed on a five-point scale: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=1, and F=0.

Honors classes must be adopted by the Board of Education and must include the depth and breadth that set them apart from regular high school courses in the same subject in order to receive the “honors” designation.

In addition to AP courses, high schools may certify one honors level course in each of the following subject areas: history, English, advanced mathematics, each laboratory science, and each language other than English.  If there is no AP course in a given subject area, the high school may certify two courses at the honors level in that area.

Incomplete grades ("I") may only be completed during the first six weeks of the following semester.  Courses not completed will convert to an “F” at the end of the next grading period.

If a student or parent feels a grade has been unfairly or inappropriately assigned, the first appeal should be made directly to the teacher of the respective course. If the issue cannot be resolved by a conference with a teacher, the parent may request a meeting with an administrator.