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Visual & Performing Arts

A group of people near artwork hanging on a black wall.

Visual Arts

Estancia High School offers a range of Visual Arts courses for students in Grades 9-12. Students may take these courses for one year or may advance through all four years of high school.

Art courses focus on drawing, painting, and other two-dimensional media. Students in Art 1 learn to use a variety of media including pencil, colored pencils, ink, tempera and watercolor paint, scratchboard, and pastels. Students learn how to express themselves creatively through realistic and abstract artwork. Ceramics courses include sculpting, hand-building and wheel-throwing. Students in Painting learn about color theory, how to mix and create colors, and how to create realistic and abstract images using different kinds of paint. No previous experience in Art is needed to be successful in Art, Ceramics, or Painting.

Visual Art courses offered at Estancia:

  • Art 1
  • Art 2
  • Art 3
  • Art 4
  • Ceramics 1
  • Ceramics 2
  • Ceramics 3
  • Ceramics 4
  • Painting (one semester course)

How can I take an Art or ceramics course?

No previous experience in Art or Ceramics is needed. Students can request Art or Ceramics courses during the course selection process. Students must complete Art 1 or Ceramics 1 to advance to Art 2 or Ceramics 2.

The marching band smiling together holding a award.



Estancia High School offers a range of Music performance courses. In Marching Band, students perform pep tunes and half-time shows during school athletic events and rehearse after-school for "Battle of the Bands" competitions, parades, and celebrations in the local community. Advanced Marching Band students are selected to be Section Leaders, Drum Majors, or participate in professional marching bands. In Symphonic Band, students perform music from movie soundtracks, popular songs, classical music, and Broadway musicals. Symphonic Band students attend band festivals, perform in concerts, and take a spring college tour of the best music programs in California. In Orchestra, students perform on violin, viola, cello, or upright bass, and perform classical music and pop music written for string orchestra. Orchestra students travel to watch live performances at the Segerstrom Center and advanced students collaborate with university orchestras and honor groups. In Jazz Band, students perform different grooves including Swing, Funk, Bossa, Bebop, and Rock. Jazz Band students perform for music concerts, compete in jazz festivals, and travel to live jazz performances. Advanced Jazz Band students are selected to perform jazz solos and play lead parts. In Guitar, students learn how to play many chords and melodies using standing music notation on an acoustic nylon string guitar and learn how to perform individually and as a group. In Color Guard, students perform dances and choreographed routines with flags, ribbons, and rifles. Color Guard members are part of the Marching Band and perform alongside the Marching Band. Advanced Color Guard students can participate in Winter Guard competitions.

Music courses offered at Estancia:

  • Marching Band*
  • Symphonic Band (also known as Band 3)
  • Orchestra
  • Guitar 1 & 2
  • Color Guard (also known as Drill Team)*

*Students can earn Physical Education credit for these courses.

How can I join music?

Students can request Music courses during the course selection process.

Video thumbnail of a drama performance.



Estancia High School offers a range of Drama courses from Drama 1 to Production Drama. In Drama 1, students are introduced to the fundamentals of acting and theatre, learn about the elements of story arc and production, learn techniques to keep an audience engaged, participate in improv exercises, and work collaboratively with their peers to write and perform scenes. In Production Drama, students produce and perform plays and musicals. The Drama program offers a safe place for all students to grow and step out of their comfort zones.

Production Drama

Estancia High School Production Drama puts on three shows throughout the school year. The fall play can range from classical to contemporary dramas and comedies or original work written by EHS alumni. Examples of previous fall plays include: It's a Wonderful Life, Twelve Angry Jurors, Letters to Sala, and Decision Height. The spring musical is an exciting and fun opportunity for students to hone their singing and dancing skills. Examples of previous spring musicals include: The Addams Family, Shrek the Musical, Honk!, and High School Musical. The Original Show is a sketch comedy show written by student actors, spoofing campus life, current events, and pop culture. There are opportunities for students to help support productions "behind the scenes" including costume design, set design and props, lighting, sound, stage manager, and marketing.

Drama courses offered at Estancia:

  • Drama 1
  • Drama 2
  • Drama 3
  • Drama 4
  • Production Drama

How can I join Drama?

Students can request Drama courses during the course selection process. Auditions are held for Production Drama. Go to our website for more details.